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Heabler Flour Mill

Heabler Flour Mill was built in 1860 by Christian Link. The Heabler brothers, John, George and Henry, bought the mill in 1862. By 1899, the Heabler brothers had all died. Four surviving Heabler cousins acquired the mill. The four new owners were John Wesley, Kenneth J. Heabler, Sherman S. Heabler and Sheridan L. Heabler. The four cousins operated the mill until 1941 when Sheridan L. Heabler and his son George acquired the mill. July 9, 1952, J. Warren Thompson purchased the mill.

In 1910 the mill was wired and a generator was installed to generate electricity. The generator was used for electricity by the Heabler's until 1952. Always steam operated, the original equipment was a slide-valve steam engine. The steam boiler had 36 tubes. In 1912 the slide-valve steam engine was replaced with an Allis-Chalmers corliss that had been rebuilt. The Allis Chalmers operated until 1946 when a diesel engine was installed. The diesel operated until the mill closed in the 1970's.

Heabler Flour Mill was originally constructed with 3 1/2 stories. In 1910, the 2-story addition was built. Sheridan Heabler did not like the results. He returned from a Florida vacation when it was completed and he did not like how dark the interior of the original mill structure was due to the new addition.

Today the Heabler Flour Mill is closed. The 3 1/2-story frame structure is surrounded with numerous 1 and 2 story additions. The steam engine room is attached to the rear of the mill. It is one story and is constructed with brick. The red brick smokestack stands about 60' tall and is attached to the brick engine room. The exterior of the mill and its surrounding additions are covered with horizontal lap siding that was once painted white. The area surrounding the mill is manicured but the mill appears lonely and forgotten. (Blaine)

DIRECTIONS: Seneca County. Venice Township. In Attica on S.R. 224, western edge of town.


Heabler Flour Mill, Attica, Senaca County, Ohio. Exterior.

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