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Rummel Mill (Gone as of 2012)

As of 2012 Rummel Mill has been raised and there is no longer any remnants left. Fortunately, the equipment was salvaged and remains in other Ohio Mill.s

Richland County had over 180 gristmills, sawmills and linseed oil mills in the 1800's. Today, 1989, only Rummel Mill remains.

This mill site was established in the 1840's by Jacob Armentrout with the construction of a sawmill. In 1850, Daniel J. Rummel bought the mill and built the present structure. Rummel built a new dam 1/2-mile west of the mill and constructed the 1,000' long millrace that channeled the waters of the Clear Fork to his 8' overshot waterwheel. During the 1880's, Rummel replaced the wooden waterwheel with two turbines. Additional modernization occurred at Rummel Mill in the 1880's with the introduction of roller mills. The Rummel family operated the mill until 1909. The Stetzel family purchased the mill and operated it until 1918. Since 1918, the mill has had numerous owners.

Today, Rummel Mill stands 3 1/2 stories tall. It is a rectangular building about 35' wide and 45' long with a tin roof. There is a small basement located on the river's side. The basement and foundation is constructed with large blocks of cut sandstone. The numerous windows were 9 over 6 double-hung. The photograph depicts the mill in April 1988, when the windows were covered with plastic. The exterior of the mill is covered with horizontal lap siding that has beautifully weathered.

The interior of Rummel Mill is a treasure chest. It is filled with antique milling equipment from the 1880's. The accompanying interior photographs illustrate some of the belts, wheels, and flour sifters that are still in place. In addition, the mill displays bolters, grain dusters, and scouring equipment. A myriad of belts, pulleys, and elevator shafts are still in their original location. Two turbines are still in place.

Rummel Mill is privately owned and is currently being preserved and maintained by a preservation group known as "Friends of Rummel Mill." The old mill is a striking building due to its physical structure, the location on the Clear Fork of the Mohican and the surrounding hills. Rummel Mill offers a picturesque location you will want to visit. Always request permission from owner. (McQuillin; "Rummel Mill.")

DIRECTIONS: Richland County. Worthington Township. From Butler, north on S.R. 95, 1.25 miles, right on Benedict Road, (keep left) one mile.


Rummel Mill, Butler, Richland County, Ohio. Exterior.
Rummel Mill, Butler, Richland County, Ohio. River Side of Exterior.
Rummel Mill, Butler, Richland County, Ohio. Interior.
Rummel Mill, Butler, Richland County, Ohio. Interior
Rummel Mill, Butler, Richland County, Ohio. Mill Stone.
Rummel Mill, Butler, Richland County, Ohio. Interior with ower Evan Adams. Photographed 1990.
Rummel Mill, Butler, Richland County, Ohio. Roller Mill and Elevator Shafts.

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