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H. C. Ogle Planing Mill (Gone)

The H. C. Ogle Planing Mill was owned and operated by Harley C. Ogle. A native of Crooked Tree in Noble County, Harley Ogle ran the planing mill as a sole proprietor. His business was concentrated in the vicinity of Crooked Tree. Ogle was born January 21, 1891, and died November 23, 1982. Based on this information, the mill was constructed in the early 1900's.

Today, the H. C. Ogle Planing Mill still stands between S.R. 339 and a small stream, at the edge of a considerable hill. The setting is picturesque because of the hills, stream and the various buildings at the site which include the old residence of the Ogle's.

The mill was powered with steam. Evidence of some of the old steam equipment remains behind the mill. The structure stands 2 1/2 stories tall with a red tin roof. The mill is supported with large cut sandstone. The building has many windows that are 6 over 6 double-hung. The exterior covering was installed one level at a time, indicating that the structure was originally only 1 story. The exterior is covered with batten planks that have weathered dark gray. The interior of the old mill still holds antique planing equipment. The building is secure and interior access is not available. The sign above the entrance door, "H. C. Ogle," is carved in wood. (Blake)

DIRECTIONS: Noble County. Jackson Township. From Crooked Tree, southwest on S.R. 339, less than a mile.


H. C. Ogle Planing Mill, Noble County, Ohio. Exterior.
H. C. Ogle Planing Mill, Noble County, Ohio. Exterior.

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