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Tipp City Roller Mill




History of Tipp City Roller Mills

The mill, known today as the Tipp City Roller Mills, was built in 1839. It was a direct result of the creation of the Miami and Erie Canal. The mill site was established at a lock on the canal. The location of the mill on the canal was chosen because of three reasons. First, the canal provided an economical means of transporting the mill's products. Secondly, the canal offered an opportunity to develop a market that would extend beyond the local demand. And, finally, the lock itself created the head of water needed to power the mill. It was Uriah and James John who purchased the land adjacent to the canal and built a gristmill. Evidence of how they secured their water supply from the canal disappeared with the advent of electric rollers installed in the mill in the early 1900's.

The original mill building has seen many changes and additions since 1839. There have been many different owners and the mill has operated under numerous names that include the Paragon Mill and the Falls Milling Company. The mill ceased operations prior to 1969 when Charles and Eloise Poston bought the mill and opened an antique shop. (Miller, E. Irene)

Today, Tipp City Roller Mills is a 3-story structure that houses various small businesses. The building is extremely large with many 6 over 6 double-hung windows. The exterior of the building is covered with tongue and groove siding painted dark red. The roof is covered with tin and has a one story room about 8' X 10' and is painted white with dark red doors. There is small 1-story addition on the street side and a 1-story addition in the rear that extends the full length of the mill. The rear addition has no windows and appears to be a shed.

The canal lock is impressive. The water has been drained for some time and the cut stone walls display the craftsmanship of the lock builders of 1837. The stones on the lock display evidence of where the boatmen would tie up the horses and secure their boat while the waters would rise and fall.

DIRECTIONS: Miami County. Monroe Township. In Tipp City, at 225 Main Street, on S.R. 571.


Tipp City Roller Mills, Miami County, Ohio.  Exterior front of mill.
Photo 1989
Tipp City Roller Mills, Miami County, Ohio.  Exterior.
Photo 1989
Tipp City Roller Mills, Miami County, Ohio.  Exterior of mill.  Remnant of Miami Erie Canal.
Rear of Tipp City Roller Mill photographed 1989. Foreground of the #15 Lock of the Miami Erie Canal.
Tipp City Roller Mills, Miami County, Ohio.  Miami Erie Canal remanant.
Lock #15 Miami & Erie Canal 1989

Front. Photographed 2011

Rear 2011. Lock #15 of Miami & Erie Canal. Deteriorating canal boat on right.

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