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Bear's Mill

Bear's Mill site was established in 1832 when Major George Adams built a sawmill and subsequently a corn cracker mill. The present 3 1/2-story mill was built in 1848 by Moses and Manning Hart. The final completion of the building was done by Gabriel Baer, the new owner and an accomplished miller from Pennsylvania. The mill presently carries Gabriel Baer's name but somewhere the vowels were inverted and today the mill is known as BEAR'S MILL.

One of the few functioning gristmills left in Ohio, Bear's Mill and the surrounding mill grounds are exquisitely maintained and graciously shared with the public. Privately owned and operated, Bear's Mill is water-powered with two turbines located under the mill's first floor. Measuring 44" and 30.5", the turbines receive water from the Greenville Creek. About 1/2 mile upstream there is a large concrete dam that creates a huge, beautiful millpond in the stream. Water from the millpond is channeled into a millrace that parallels Greenville Creek to the mill. Greenville Creek creates a 9' head of water at the mill. The water drops into and through the turbines and exits via a tailrace on the opposite side of the mill back into Greenville Creek. The 30.5" turbine has the date of 1862 cast in the crown plate. Both turbines provide 65 horsepower.

The mill grounds are maintained so visitors can walk between the millrace and creek to see the dam and the sluice gate that maintains the water flow into the millrace.

Bear's Mill building is nothing less than spectacular. The exterior is covered with the original lap siding that Gabriel Baer put on the mill in 1849! Made from American Black Walnut, the siding adds a provocative nature to the old mill. The structure has an extremely textured appearance. The weathered, charcoal-gray siding, the small 6 over 6 double-hung sash windows, and the grain handling doors on all four levels, create a delightful experience.

The interior of the mill is equally dramatic. The entire 3 1/2 floors are accessible to the public. It is full of antique milling equipment. The first floor has a line shaft that transfers the power from the turbines up to the three sets of French buhrstones and to the rest of the mill. The first floor also holds a generator that powers the lights for the mill store. The second floor is where the milling, sacking and barreling are accomplished. The original three sets of French buhrstones that were placed here in 1850 have been maintained and are still grinding today. There were five roller mills installed in 1887. Three of them are still found in the mill. Storage bins, a flour purifier, power transfer machinery (belts, pulleys, and gears), and sifting equipment are found on the third floor. The loft has the corn screener, scourers, aspirator and top line shaft. The winch hauls the grain up to the loft and is powered by the turbines. The winch is fully functioning and lifts the grain from the ground outside to the third-story loft with ease. All of the antique machinery at Bear's Mill, whether it is functioning or on display as a museum piece, is excellently preserved. Bear's Mill is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The mill store, on the first floor, sells yellow cornmeal, whole-wheat cake flour, unbleached white cake flour, buckwheat flour, rye flour, bran, and pancake mixes. Another portion of the store offers two unique styles of pottery. Bear's Mill Pottery is produced by Julie Clark. Maple Wood Pottery is produced by Jane Hoskensmith.

Now owned and managed by the Friends of Bear's Mill.

Visit Bear's Mill website: http://www.bearsmill.com

While touring Ohio's mills, don't miss Darke County's oldest industrial business that has functioned for over 160 years. You will not be disappointed. ("Bear's Mill."; "Bear's Mill Since 1849."; Clark, Julie; "Historical Bear's Mill.")

History & Owners

President James Monroe presented Major George Adams the land and water rights at the mill site with a Presidential Deed as a reward for his military service.


Major George Adams established the mill site with a sawmill and corn cracker mill.


The present mill building was constructed by Moses and Manning Hart from Greenville.


Gabriel Baer, a miller from Pennsylvania purchased the mill from the feuding Hart brothers. Baer's son and son-in-law managed the mill.


Jesse Tillman and John Townsend purchased the business for $8,000.


A progression of owners followed between 1864 and 1873: William Townsend (John Townsend's son?), Milton & James Oliver, William Bierly, John Tillman (Jesse Tillman's son?), Adam Coppess, Levi Reck, and Milton Oliver.


John Stoltz & Family purchased a large share of the mill.


G. W. Cromer bought a share and converted the mill into a roller mill.


Marcellus Cromer, G.W. Cromer's son, purchased John Stoltz's share of the mill. Marcellus Cromer operated the mill for 65 years, until his death in 1947. "Cromer must have been a colorful character, as stories heard from old-timers are still around about him ("Historical Bear's Mill")."


The wooden dams were replaced with concrete as part of a flood control project. There are two dams. The main dam is 160'. The second dam is 65' long. They are connected by a natural levee.


Charles Andrews purchased the mill and ground wheat and corn that were organically grown without chemicals.


Terry and Julie Clark and Paul Carr purchased the mill.


Mike Johnson and Jane Hockensmith purchased Paul Carr's share of the mill.

DIRECTIONS: Darke County. Adams Township. From Greenville, S.R. 36 east 3.5 miles, south (right) on Arcanum-Bear's Mill Road, .25 mile on the right at 6450 Arcanum-Bear's Mill Road.

Bear's Mill, Darke County, Ohio. Exterior.
Bear's Mill, Darke County, Ohio.  Exterior front.
Bear's Mill, Darke County, Ohio. Exterior.
Bear's Mill, Darke County, Ohio. Gate prior to head of water against the turbine. Mill race as it is about to flow into the turbine.  The turbine is located in the bottom of the lowest level of the mill.
Headrace. The slats of wood filter the debris so that nothing becomes entangled with the turbines as the water drops.
Bear's Mill, Darke County, Ohio. Dam at the very edge of the spillway.
Dam on Greenville Creek. Gate to the head race.
Bear's Mill, Darke County, Ohio.  Dam with millpond, mill pond.
Bear's Mill, Darke County, Ohio. Dam and immediate vicinity.  Beautiful location.
Bear's Mill, Darke County, Ohio.  Beautiful flow of waters at the dam.
Bears Mill, Darke County, Ohio. Roller mills.
Set of Roller Mills
Bears Mill, Darke County, Ohio. Equipment with sifter, shoots and belts.
Bolting Machine. This cleans and sorts the ground flour.
Bears Mill, Darke County, Ohio. Bedstone and Capstone.
Bears Mill, Darke County, Ohio. Pinion geer.  It transfers power to a different direction.
Gears on Bolting Machine
Bears Mill, Darke County, Ohio. Pinion geer.  It transfers power to a different direction.
Bolting Machine with Gears
Bears Mill, Darke County, Ohio. Sifter and bagger with elevators.
Bagger that has been retro-fitted with an electric motor.
Bears Mill, Darke County, Ohio. Pulleys and line shaft belts.
Line shaft at the highest level of the mill.
Bears Mill, Darke County, Ohio. Blower.  It blows all the dust out.
Blower. This blew husks and dust outside of mill during the cleaning process.
Bears Mill, Darke County, Ohio.  Elevators that raise grain and lowers it during process.
Elevators and chutes.
Bears Mill, Darke County, Ohio. Hopper and elevators.
Chutes and elevators from various storage bins into the hopper.
Bears Mill, Darke County, Ohio.  Hoist rope for loading and unloading.
Hoist Drive
Bears Mill, Darke County, Ohio.  Equipment (I don't know :)
Flour Bagger
Bears Mill, Darke County, Ohio. Bagger with scale.
Flour Bagger
Bears Mill, Darke County, Ohio. Flour sifters.
Bolting Machine. Sorts and cleans the flour.
Bears Mill, Darke County, Ohio. Hoist rope to load and unload.
Hoist. Takes grain to the highest level in the mill.

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