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Wolf Creek / Pine Run Gristmill

Wolf Creek / Pine Run Gristmill is named after a nearby small stream from which it receives its water power. Originally this mill was named Wolf's Mill and was located on Route 60 (Hayesville Road), 6 miles north of Loudonville. Isaac Meanor established a gristmill site on Route 60 in 1831. The original building was subsequently replaced.

In 1971, Ed and Lavern Pennell purchased the mill, identified each piece and moved it to its present location on Pine Run. The reconstruction was completed in 1975 and was opened to the public.

Pine Run Gristmill is 36' X 46' and has 2.5 stories. The exterior has lap siding and is charcoal gray. The exterior overshot waterwheel is 16 feet in diameter and is supplied water from Pine Run via a wooden flume. There are two sets of French granite buhrstones. A 14' bull wheel is inside the mill that has the original gears and iron teeth.

The mill was open to the public until the mid 1980's. It has been purchased by the State of Ohio Park Systems. There are plans to renovate the mill and open it for the public.

Even if the mill is not open, it's worth the trip. The antique building has been exquisitely maintained. The combination of the wooden waterwheel, wooden flume, and the way Pine Run meanders around the mill is picturesque. The mill photographs well and the site is fun to explore. (Garber; Hill; "Old Mill Put on New Site"; "Open House at Pine Run Grist Mill"; Patton).

DIRECTIONS: Ashland County. Hanover Township. From Loudonville south on S.R. 3, two miles on left. South of Mohican State Park Entrance.
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Pine Run Gristmill, Ashland County, Ohio
Wolf Creek / Pine Run Mill
Photographed 1989
Pine Run Gristmill Race
Photo 1989
Pine Run Gristmill Exterior
Wolf Creeek / Pine Run Mill
Photographed 2011 by Mark Smith, Miller
Wolf Creek / Pine Run Mill - Wooden Water Wheel
Water Wheel - Photo 2011 by Mark Smith, Miller