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Yates Cider Mill - Table Initial Setup
The cylinder is the grinder which funnels the ground apples into the special nylon blankets.
The blankets are stacked onto a stainless steel tray.
Matt has the power cord and trap door that grinds and drops
a certain amount of the ground apples onto the blanket.
Once the blanket has enough ground apples, the fruit is pulled into place.
The apples have to be evenly dispersed throughout the entire square.
Blanket is folded and blocked within square form.
Up to 12 additional blankets full of chopped and ground apples are added to the stack.
Tall Stack.
Nine squared and blocked blankets are full of apples.
A thick-plastic cover is placed on the top blanket.
Once the apples are set up, the table is rotated 180 degrees into the cider press position.
Here you can see the round track that accepts the two tables as they rotate.
The empty table will soon be replaced by a full stack of 9 to 12 blankets with chopped apples.
Almost in position to start the cider press.
The full blankets of ground apples are in position to be pressed.
View the menu below to learn how the apples become cider.
1 - Table Initial Setup
2 - Move Table, Press & Pressure
3 - After Press
4 - Apples After Press
Above is the Yates Cider Mill Video that examines just how an historic 1901Cider Press works.

Main Page & History
River, Dam & Races
2. Move Table, Press & Pressure
3. After Press
4. Apples After Press

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