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Table Initial Setup
Move Table, Press & Pressure
After Press
Apples After Press

Yates Cider Mill - Move Table, Press & Pressure
Chopped and Ground Apples are almost positioned into the press.
Here the Cider Press is ready to start. The pressure indicator is at zero.
As the pressure increases, the cider from the tray is flowing into the tube.
The cider is then treated with UV light and placed into a refrigeration unit.
The pressure now indicates there is 50 tons of weight against the table of apples.
Now the pressure has been released and the table will be turned another 180 degrees.
View the menu below to learn how the apples become cider.
1 - Table Initial Setup
2 - Move Table, Press & Pressure
3 - After Press
4 - Apples After Press

Main Page & History
River, Dam & Races
2. Move Table, Press & Pressure
3. After Press
4. Apples After Press

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