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Table Initial Setup
Move Table, Press & Pressure
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Apples After Press

Yates Cider Mill - Apples After Press
They now peel (hahaha) off the blankets and dump the apple pulp into a container.
The container is then dumped into the pulp railroad cart.
The railroad cart is emptied 3 or 4 times a day by using the rails out to a dumpster.
There the apple pulp is disposed. Some local farmers use the pulp for animal feed.
Residual after all the juice is extracted from the apples.
Apple Pulp
We hope you have enjoyed learning how apple cider is made at Yates Cider Mill
with the 1901 Dunning Boschert Cider Press and water-powered Leffel turbine.
View the menu below to learn how the apples become cider.
1 - Table Initial Setup
2 - Move Table, Press & Pressure
3 - After Press
4 - Apples After Press

Main Page & History
River, Dam & Races
2. Move Table, Press & Pressure
3. After Press
4. Apples After Press

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