Bridgeton Mill, Bridgeton IN
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Bridgeton Mill - Milling Equipment

Bridgeton Mill -  Buhr Stones, Hopper, Stone Case

Two Buhr Stones Grind Grain in the Stone Case.
Above the Stone Case is the Hopper that Funnels the Grain into the Eye of the Stones

Bridgeton Mill - Mill Stones, Chute for Ground Grain
Chute takes the Ground Grain from the Stone Ready to be Sifted
Bridgeton Mill - Working Buhr Stones, Hopper, Shaft and Pulleys
Bridgeton Mill - Mill Stones in Stone Case, Hopper, Damsel and Shoe
Bridgeton Mill - Mill Stons and Hopper
Chris Roe is Adjusting the Power Level from the Generator to Turn the Stones
Bridgeton Mill - Ground Grain Prepared to Bag
Bridgeton Mill - Grinding Area.  First Level of the Mill
Bridgeton Mill - Overhead Drive Shaft with Pulleys and Gears
Overhead Shaft, Pulleys & Gears
Bridgeton Mill - Ground Grain Bagger

JUNE 19 1883

Above is the Name Plate for this Bagger for Ground Grains

Bridgeton Mill - Flour Sifter
This sifter works by taking the grains into the hopper and once inside the "NIAGRA GYRO WHIP SIFTER" it shakes the ground grain and sifts the various sizes. The larger pieces can be reground for a finer flour. Or the bran can be separated into other types of products.
Bridgeton Mill - Ground Grain Sifter
Action shot where the ground grain is being dropped into the sifter.
Bridgeton Mill - Display of Gears and Artifacts
Display of Gears and Pully Artifacts
Bridgeton Mill - One Hundred Year Old Trolley Car Motor Powering the Mill Stones
This is a 100-year old trolley car motor that powers the mill stones.
Bridgeton Mill - Trolley Car Motor Powers Mill Stones
Bridgeton Mill - Belt and Wheel that directs energy from the Motor to the Mill Stones
Belt from the trolly motor is then attached to this large pulley.
Bridgeton Mill - Large Pulley and Belt that Powers the Mill Stones
Bridgeton Mill - Artifact of a Hand-carved Wooden Pulley
Hand-carved Wooden Pulley
Bridgeton Mill - Milling Tools
Mill Tool Artifacts
Bridgeton Mill - Hand-hewn Timbers
Hand-hewn Red Oak Timbers
Bridgeton Mill - Hand Hewn Red Oak Timbers

Original Red Oak Timbers with Adze Marks

Bridgeton Mill, Bridgeton Indiana
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Mill Exterior & Artifacts
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Milling Equipment
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