Metamora Mill, Indiana
Old Mills in the United States
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Mill Exterior
First Floor
Power House
Water Wheel
Turbine & Drive Shafts
Mill Stones

Metamora Mill - Power House / Pit Wheels & Pulleys
Photographed March 8, 2012

Main Line Shaft directly attached to the water wheeel.
March 2012
Pulleys, wheels, belts and driveshaft.
Everything found in the power house (basement area) here at Metamora Mill.
The main powered shaft is directed to subsequent shafts and each of those are then directed upward into the mill.
Once the power is transferred up into the mill all the milling equipment can then start functioning.
The grain is cleaned, ground, processed, elevated up and down and after the process is complete the ground grain is then bagged or barrelled and ultimately sold. This, the power house, where the turbine and or water wheel creates the energy on the main shaft, is the focal point of all milling equipment.
The following Photogaphs were taken November 9, 2014
Main Line Shaft, Pulleys & Belts

Metamora Mill, Metamora, Indiana
Main Page
Metamora Mill, Indiana. Main Page.
Mill Exterior
Metamora Mill. Indiana. Exterior Mill Building.
Metamora Mill, Indiana. History.
First Floor
Metamora Mill, Indiana. First Floor.
Power House
Metamora Mill, Indiana. Power House.
Wooden Water Wheel
Sluice Gate
Metamora Mill, Indiana.  Wooden Water Wheel, Sluice Gate.
Display Turbine, Drive Shafts & Iron Cogs
Metamora Mill, Indiana. Leffel Turbine, Drive Shafts, Iron Cogs.
Mill Stones
Metamora Mill, Indiana. Mill Stones.
Functioning Covered Bridge Aqueduct
Metamora Mill, Indiana. Covered Bridge Aquaduct.

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