Metamora Mill, Indiana
Old Mills in the United States
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Mill Exterior
First Floor
Power House
Water Wheel
Turbine & Drive Shafts
Mill Stones

Metamora Mill - In OPERATION
November 6, 2014

William Jay Dishman, Manager and Miller
Indiana Museum of Historic Sites, Metamora IN
Deb Alvey, Office Manager
Indiana Museum of Historic Sites, Metamora IN

Johnny Burns on Left, Tim Welke on Right, Miller Apprentices
Indiana Museum of Historic Sites, Metamora IN
Meadows Mill
Horizontal Millstones with Cap Stone, Hopper,
Shoe and Damsel
Shoe is the wooden part that funnels the grain into the eye of the millstones
and Damsel is the metal piece that shakes the grain to make it move.


The hook is used to pick up the top runner stone and flip it over
to be sharpened.
The elevator lifts the ground grain up into the sorter.
This is a functioning, multi-screened sorter.

Metamora Mill, Metamora, Indiana
Main Page
Metamora Mill, Indiana. Main Page.
Mill Exterior
Metamora Mill. Indiana. Exterior Mill Building.
Metamora Mill, Indiana. History.
First Floor
Metamora Mill, Indiana. First Floor.
Power House
Metamora Mill, Indiana. Power House.
Wooden Water Wheel
Sluice Gate
Metamora Mill, Indiana.  Wooden Water Wheel, Sluice Gate.
Display Turbine, Drive Shafts & Iron Cogs
Metamora Mill, Indiana. Leffel Turbine, Drive Shafts, Iron Cogs.
Mill Stones
Metamora Mill, Indiana. Mill Stones.
Functioning Covered Bridge Aqueduct
Metamora Mill, Indiana. Covered Bridge Aquaduct.

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